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"I heard that buying on the second hand market was a good idea, but every the sales people at the resort I was interested in owning at kept telling me it wasn’t . As the cost of buying what I wanted varied so much, I thought that an annual membership here would be a safe bet, and I am so pleased I did. I probably saved in excess of $10,000 on the whole thing and got what I needed. I don’t need help at the moment but when I start using it, I will for sure be back to ask"

− Steve Hooper

"I inherited a timeshare about 3 years ago and wasn’t really sure if it was any good as I never seemed to get anything for my trouble. I asked for help from Richard and within a few hours I knew what I had to do. I have sold it since then but might want a different one now I know how it works. If I decide to buy another then I will go back to Timeshare Surgery. It was simple the first time round"

− Mark Dunnel

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How do I know which timeshare I should buy?

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Lets put it this way, whatever you do…don’t buy the first timeshare that you see. If you think that owning a timeshare is something for you then I will say right now that, YES it is. Absolutley! Providing you enjoy taking holidays away from it all, then owning a timeshare is…


Will I save money owning a timeshare?

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If you are lucky enough to read this post before buying a timeshare then the answer will probably be YES.  If you are reading this after buying one then we cant really say for sure… The challenge is to take ALL the financial aspects of owning the actual timeshare, and…


The Top 3 Things You Should Know About Buying A Timeshare

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What a choice of timeshares we have available huh! The rural resort with the smells of the countryside, the bustling inner city resort that promises to put you slap bang in the centre of all the action, the home away from home condominium overlooking the pistes to the downright exotic…


The ONLY Foolproof Way to Know if a Timeshare Salesman is Lying

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For all of you timeshare junkies and potential owners out there, it has long been hinted at, that if a timeshare salesman’s lips are moving, then they are lying. This is one of those dramatic sweeping statements that on the face of it will probably at some point hold true,…