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"I heard that buying on the second hand market was a good idea, but every the sales people at the resort I was interested in owning at kept telling me it wasn’t . As the cost of buying what I wanted varied so much, I thought that an annual membership here would be a safe bet, and I am so pleased I did. I probably saved in excess of $10,000 on the whole thing and got what I needed. I don’t need help at the moment but when I start using it, I will for sure be back to ask"

− Steve Hooper

"I inherited a timeshare about 3 years ago and wasn’t really sure if it was any good as I never seemed to get anything for my trouble. I asked for help from Richard and within a few hours I knew what I had to do. I have sold it since then but might want a different one now I know how it works. If I decide to buy another then I will go back to Timeshare Surgery. It was simple the first time round"

− Mark Dunnel

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Rise and Fall of Timeshare in Europe

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“Timeshare is a criminal industry” Deputy Speaker, European Parliament Probably one of the most one sided views about a misunderstood industry that you will ever likely read. How a person with such influence can say such a sweeping statement is beyond me. Have a read and let me know what…

Newsflash – All the good stuff! 30th July 2014

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Lie Cheat and Steal: In the right hands is a beautiful thing but in the wrong hands it is a mantra of mis-trust and despair. Throughout my sales career I was always to taught to lie, cheat and steal. Lie to myself, that I was the best, the greatest and…

Newsflash – All the good stuff! 27th July 2014

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The big names continue to boom with both Wyndham and Marriott showing the world of timeshare is getting healthier and stronger by the day with both companies announcing healthy profits and 2nd quarter performance exceeding expectations. Pretty impressive stuff… Oh hang on a minute, just as the likes of Marriott…

Newsflash – All the good stuff! 25th July 2014

| Newsflash, Public | No Comments

The Washington Post reckons that “Depending on where you vacation this summer, you probably will be or have been approached by someone trying to sell you a timeshare.” which is a pretty impressive thing I think . It follows up with the usual advice that reminds us all that timeshare…